Great Companies Use ClosePlan To Sell Better

“ClosePlan takes the path to close out of the rep's head and gets it into the Salesforce.
Deal scorecards,relationship maps and close plans. As a result, reps, managers, and the prospect all win.


Cory Bray
Managing Director, ClozeLoop


Optimize Your Opportunity-to-Close Process

ClosePlan helps sales execute on the things that matter -  rigorous opportunity qualification, customer relationship alignment and sales process execution.


Relationship Map

Build org charts natively in Salesforce with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality.

Deal Scorecard

Create opportunity qualification scorecards based on any sales qualification methodology.

Sales Playbook

Create repeatable best-practice
Sales Playbooks for different
business lines.

Relationship Maps

With ClosePlan Relationship Maps, Reps can create relationship maps natively in Salesforce with easy-to-use drag and drop tools.

Maps help Sales visualize the buyer’s organization so they can build relationships with the right people and visualize the path to close.

  • Leverage your existing Salesforce accounts records - No external integration required.

  • Maps are centrally owned and managed in your Salesforce.

  • Maps are great for deal reviews, QBR’s and 1 : 1 coaching sessions.


Deal Scorecards

Opportunity qualification is a process. ClosePlan Deal Scorecards makes that process easy for Sales Reps.

Scorecards help Sales Managers create a common qualification language across their entire Sales team.

Scorecards help Reps quickly qualify opportunities in a simple and intuitive way.

Give your Reps and Managers insight into opportunity health to help align conversations and forecasts

Align ClosePlan Deal Scorecards with any sales methodology - MEDDIC, BANT, Triangle Selling, Customer Centric Selling, etc.

Sales Playbooks

ClosePlan Sales Playbooks help Reps follow the steps required to keep the opportunity progressing.

Playbooks help Managers reinforce best-practice sales processes unique to their company. Playbooks keep deals on track, so end of quarter surprises are avoided.

  • Build your own best-practice sales playbooks in ClosePlan that align with your sales strategy

  • Build playbooks for different business lines – Enterprise Sales, Commercial Sales, Renewals, Services, etc.

  • Reduce end of quarter surprises and increase win rates with consistent repeatable sales processes


Native in Salesforce

Save time and effort. ClosePlan works where you and your sales teams work —in Salesforce.

  • Support for Salesforce Classic and Lightning

  • Deploys within the Salesforce Opportunity page

  • Supercharge Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • ClosePlan helps sales organizations execute on the things that matter — all within Salesforce


Install and Setup

Built with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind, ClosePlan is a Salesforce approved application.

ClosePlan installs on your Salesforce instance in minutes, and gets your teams up and running with the tools they need to win.

Install ClosePlan directly from the AppExchange or contact us for a customized ClosePlan demo.