Great Companies Use ClosePlan Deal Scorecards

 Create a Common Qualification Language Across Sales Teams

Opportunity Qualification Scorecards Based on Any Sales Methodology

ClosePlan Deal Scorecards support any sales methodology. Operationalize your qualification methodology at scale.

• Supports any qualification methodology - MEDDIC, BANT, Value Selling, Triangle Selling, Customer Centric Selling, etc.

• Create multiple Deal Scorecards for different business lines, sales regions, and industries.

• Say goodbye to offline spreadsheets and docs.


 Seamlessly Integrate Your Qualification Methodology into Salesforce.


Out of the Box Deal Scorecard

ClosePlan provides out-of-the-box Scorecard dashboards. Surface data in Salesforce reports to make revenue calls more efficient.

  • Surface opportunity scorecards in Salesforce reports

  • Provide Sales leadership visibility into opportunity health to better align deal conversations and take corrective actions

  • Quickly identify risky deals and deliver a more accurate forecast

  • Give your Sales team a reason to keep their Salesforce scorecard accurate and up to date

 ClosePlan Deal Scorecards ensure you focus on opportunities worth pursuing.


Native in Salesforce

Save time and effort. ClosePlan works where you and your sales teams work —in Salesforce.

  • Support for Salesforce Classic and Lightning

  • Deploys within the Salesforce Opportunity page

  • Supercharge Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • ClosePlan helps sales organizations execute on the things that matter —all within Salesforce