The Sales Optimization Platform

Give managers complete visibility. Give reps the tools to win.


Reinforce Your Process

Sales leadership can easily create ClosePlan templates to help reinforce best practices throughout the sales organization. ClosePlan templates can be created based on the buyer journey, business unit, geography, line of business, customer type, industry, etc.

With a single click, reps can create an event-driven sales ClosePlan that syncs data bi-directionally with Salesforce.


Empower Your Team

Sales teams finally have the project management tools they need to close deals in a structured, organized way. Use a proven KanBan agile process to update event status and manage workflows.

Easily update the event status by dragging from “not-started” to “in-progress” to “completed”.


Manage Your Timelines

Enterprise sales requires precision. That’s why ClosePlan built a GANTT for sales teams to see the path to close. At a glance, identify the events or resources needed to progress a deal and proactively pinpoint issues to keep things moving forward.


Continuously Qualify

Operationalize opportunity qualification. Create a common language for opportunity qualification across your entire sales organization and improve the probability of success.

Our flexible Deal Scorecard adapts to any sales methodology to reinforce a common language throughout your organization.


Mind the Gaps

With ClosePlan, deal qualification is more than just a number. Quickly identify your blind spots with our Deal Scorecard Dashboard.

Opportunity health is charted by qualification category and timelines to highlight unanswered questions, missing information, and potential risks.


Visualize the Opportunity

Quickly and easily map contacts from Salesforce and visually connect the key stakeholders with easy to use drag and drop functionality. Avoid late stage deal surprises that could arise from not being properly aligned with your prospect or customer.


Deepen Your Relationships

Identify your supporters and detractors. Track the strength of your relationships. Easily access social media accounts and send emails directly from the Stakeholder cards to save time.


Team Selling

Get everyone on the same page with best practice close plans. Clearly define your team roles and responsibilities to ensure deals close faster and more efficiently.



Spend your time where it matters most with real-time visibility into deal timing, deal momentum, event status, next steps, and more.


Deal Files

Always find what you need, when you need it. Keep deal files organized by opportunity or event and automatically distribute updated assets to your team


Native in Salesforce

Save time and effort. ClosePlan works right where you do: in Salesforce.

  • Bi-directional data integrity. Any updates to opportunities are immediately applied in ClosePlan and vice-versa.

  • Can be deployed within the opportunity page or in a separate ClosePlan tab.

  • See the opportunity and act on your process with proven project management tools and visualization techniques in Salesforce


Easy Install and Setup

Built with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind, ClosePlan is a Salesforce approved application.

Install on your Salesforce instance in minutes and get your teams up and running with custom Sales Events and Deal Scorecards in a single day.