Great Companies Use ClosePlan Relationship Maps To Sell Better


Relationship Maps in Salesforce. Where they belong.

Create org charts quickly and easily utilising your existing Salesforce contacts. Make the most of your Salesforce data. Accelerate the sales cycle. Close bigger and close faster with relationship mapping.


Build beautiful Org Charts In Salesforce with Drag and Drop functionality. 

  • Leverage Salesforce contact records

  • Visualize the organizational and political structure 

  • Leverage Relationship Maps to drive Strategic selling reduce sales rep overhead.


 Create Maps in Salesforce

Build org charts natively in Salesforce with easy to use drag and drop functionality. Reduce sales rep overhead.

Use Salesforce Contacts

Use your existing Salesforce contact records. Visualise and measure relationship alignment. Close deal faster.

Reuse Existing Maps

Reuse maps from accounts or opportunities. Relationship assets that can be used by your entire company.


Define Political Structure - Influence Lines, Conflict Lines and Dotted Lines

  • Visualize the customer's organizational and political structure. 

  • Drag and drop relationship lines to understand the organizational and political structure.

  • Add influence lines to with key Stakeholders and optimize your alignment.

  • Add conflict lines to identify to mitigate blockers and non supporters

Stakeholder Profiles. View Key Relationship Attributes.

  • View and update important Stakeholder Detail direct on map.

  • Add notes related to related to conversations, strategies and pertinent Stakeholder information.

  • Assign relationship coverage. Define who in your organization is responsible for the relationship.


Map on Opportunity & Account Level. Re-Use Maps.

  • Quickly access and re-use existing Maps. 

  • Leverage submaps – Legal, Procurement, Security.

  • Close deals easier. 

  • Maps make customer hand offs easier.


Native in Salesforce

Save time and effort. ClosePlan works where you and your sales team work —in Salesforce.