What deals are in jeopardy of slipping? What deals can be pushed forward to meet quota? ClosePlan gives sales leadership the tools to identify and mitigate these late-stage risks. Combining Sales Event timelines and Deal Scorecard qualification, sales leaders have a complete view of every opportunity in their pipeline – in real-time. Actively avoid late-stage surprises and respond intelligently with ClosePlan


ClosePlan GANTT Chart

Visualize your timelines with GANTT chart views detailing the start and end of each sales event. Identify opportunities to increase deal velocity and risks that may slow your opportunity progress.


ClosePlan TimeLine Report

The ClosePlan Timeline Report gives reps and managers a macro view of where every deal stands. Quickly identify opportunities as you near the end of quarter to push additional revenue.


Sales Event Template

At the heart of every ClosePlan is the Sales Event Template. ClosePlan enables teams to collect performance data across the organization to improve sales velocity and create insights to improve your best-practice process over time.