Are your weekly meetings catching up on what’s been done, or discussing sales strategy for the upcoming week? Closeplan provides the structure to easily view what’s been done and what’s in progress – so you can focus on what’s next. Utilize the Deal Scorecard to view real-time opportunity health and identify missing information or blind spots. Explore the Stakeholder Map to verify proper coverage from the deal team and relationship alignment. Review the timeline reports together to identify opportunities that can be pushed forward or deals that might be at risk of pushing to the next quarter. With ClosePlan you now have the structure and visibility to focus on what really matters: driving your sales strategy forward.


Stakeholder Map

Drag-and-drop your Salesforce contacts to create stakeholder organization charts for each opportunity.

Visualize the individual players, relationships, and decision makers on the buying team. Uncover blind spots or holes in coverage to avoid surprises.


Status Report

Utilize the Status Report to view high-level event progress for each active opportunity. Click into any ClosePlan to view additional details and opportunity health.

Deal Scorecard

Avoid "happy ears" syndrome with ClosePlan’s Deal Scorecard, which ensures that the entire deal team has input and visibility into how qualified each deal is. Scores are updated in real-time – so you always know where you stand and what actions can be taken to improve your opportunity.