Closeplan enables you to set the standard for qualifying opportunities across your entire sales organization. Our flexible deal scorecard allows leadership to instill any methodology, or any combination of methodologies they wish to utilize. Scorecards update in real time to monitor the health of your opportunity over time and multiple team members can respond to scoring questions – because many eyes are always better than one set of happy ears.


Stakeholder Map

Drag-and-drop your Salesforce contacts to create stakeholder organization charts for each opportunity.

Visualize the individual players, relationships, and decision makers on the buying team. Uncover blind spots or holes in coverage to avoid surprises.


Sales Event Template

At the heart of every ClosePlan is the Sales Event Template. This template enables teams to set their best-practice process and enforce it across their organization. Managers and reps alike always have complete visibility into their opportunity progress.


Deal Scorecard

The ClosePlan Deal Scorecard is a flexible, methodology-agnostic opportunity scoring platform. It provides real-time visibility into the health of each opportunity and proactively directs your sales activity to avoid last-minute surprises.