With so much focus on new business, the skill and effort required for successful renewal management is often overlooked. Whether it is a SaaS renewal or classic support and maintenance renewal, this revenue is the life blood of most companies. By leveraging ClosePlan's Sales Event Template, you can define a best-practice playbook for your renewal team. Engage in a timely fashion to regain control of your renewal business and reduce customer churn. Identify upsell opportunities by implementing discovery events. Escalate at-risk renewals earlier. Execute longer-term renewals with happy customers. Avoid end of quarter surprises with ClosePlan.


Stakeholder Map

Track the important people involved in each renewal – know the hierarchies, relationships, and key decision-makers involved in every renewal to stay ahead.


Sales Event Template

Apply structure and timelines to each renewal cycle and ensure your teams are maximizing customer retention and revenue opportunities.


Deal Scorecard

Qualify your renewals to highlight upsell opportunities and identify warning signs before its too late.