A Request For Proposal can be a company's best friend and its worst enemy. An unsolicited RFP can be a significant drain on a sales organizations resources. ClosePlan makes it easier than ever to qualify RFP’s and ensure that you only respond to RFP’s that you can win and decline to respond to RFP’s that have a low probability of winning. ClosePlan's Deal Scorecard enables you to create RFP specific qualification scorecards to score each RFP before you decide to respond. Once you have decided to respond, ClosePlan events templates help guide your team through the response process in an organize and efficient manner.


Stakeholder Map

Track the important people involved in each RFP – identify the hierarchies, relationships, and key decision-makers involved in every opportunity.


Deal Scorecard

Our scorecard is flexible and methodology-agnostic so you can build a completely custom system for qualifying your incoming RFPs.


Event Template

Apply structure and timelines to each RFP review cycle to ensure your teams are prioritizing the right opportunities.