With average team ramp times consistently over three months and the sales profession moving  towards higher staff turnover rates, onboarding quickly and effectively is more important than ever. ClosePlan creates a structured environment that lays out your sales process, sales methodology, and team responsibilities at the click of a button. New team members can visually understand the process from day one and leadership can append supporting documentation to each sales event that corresponds to the buyers journey, so reps can be pro-actively consultative.


Sales Events

New team members can produce a ClosePlan with a single click. Instantly they will have the best-practice sales process in front of them with all the required files, responsibilities, and supporting information.


Methodology Reinforcement

ClosePlan is completely customizable and methodology-agonistic. The Deal Scorecard offers a structure to enforce, document, and analyze deal health – right from day 1.


Team Selling

When the deal team and the sales events come together, new teammates will always know where to look for answers and who’s responsible for what.